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!NOTICE! Getting Started In Digirev As A New Member

Discussion in 'New Player Introductions' started by Giraffes, Dec 15, 2016.

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    First and foremost, thank you for joining DigiRev!

    As a new member you will have access to our website and Teamspeak server, as well as the colorful group of people that inhabit it!

    When you join DigiRev, you are in for the long run, not just for one game. The heart and soul of this community is empowered by user dedication. Each and every person is a vital piece of the community and each member considers DigiRev their online home.

    You may have noticed that our site, message boards, and Teamspeak Server are simple and easy to use. When designing and engineering new ideas, DigiRev keeps our resources accessible to everyone. Below is a quick guide to using the website.


    Our forums are broken down into basic categories, New Player Introductions (for our new users to introduce themselves), Games ( for gaming news and discussion), Life Universe and Everything Burritos...or LUEB (a spin off of LUE from gamefaqs/LL. This board is used for anything random), Events (For any community events. This forum should be used in conjunction with the calendar to schedule events and any thread will appear on the sidebar of the site), News and Announcements (This board will share any big announcements with the community and will appear on the sidebar automatically), and the DigiRev members forum (for members chat).

    We utilize thread prefixes in order to keep things organized and neat. When creating a topic, choose the proper thread prefix to appear before the title. Now, clicking on that prefix will show all other threads for that particular topic (eg. Battlefield). Tags are also used occasionally by our members for a similar purpose.

    This is a simple tool to allow user to upload pictures to Users can make their albums private and share the pictures with their friends.

    Users can not only login to with their steam account, but the website will also track their Stream activity!

    Rules are updated several times a year to accommodate any issues that the community may come across. However, the foundation of the community will always remain.

    Basically a ticket system to alert the admins whatever problem you are suffering from. There are also Applications available to fill community positions. The recruitment application is located here!

    Please donate to keep the community alive. For more information on community expenses, please view our Teamspeak channel "Donate".

    A fresh Teamspeak user will be designated as a guest. Guests have the ability to change channel, talk in channel chat, and use voice chat. The normal tag is used to designate a non-DigiRev member that is a regular. DigiRev tags are used to designate a DigiRev member. The DigiRev tag has the ability to move others, as well as ban and kick guests. DigiRev members can also make temporary channels which go away when emptied.

    DigiRev Teamspeak channels have been simplified and perfected over years of time. The main idea behind the layout was to keep things simple and efficient. Often times, users get lost in a massive Teamspeak and we would rather have too few channels, than too many. It is a community after all. DigiRev members can create temporary channels if they wish.

    The rules for Teamspeak are located in the header portion of the channel list. Please click the channel to see the respective information.

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