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DigiRev Rules

DigiRev Information, Ethics, and Rules of Conduct
Created by Giraffes on the 30th of December in the year of our Chang, 2010


DigiRev is a competitive and fun gaming community, created by gamers who wish to improve their playing experience, as well as create long lasting friendships. Our community does not approve of large, complicated clan government and leadership, and values the quality of social and gaming experience for each and every dedicated member of our online and sometimes in-person family. We are celebrated by great members who give their heart and soul to the success of DigiRev. For glory!


DigiRev accepts members 16 and older, regardless of gender, religion, race, social status, political leanings, sexual preferences, etc. Membership is not based on skill or gaming knowledge. Our community is happy to provide support and training to beginners, as well as proper gaming experience to veterans of almost any gaming genre. Recruits trying to get into DigiRev must show proper amount of dedication, leadership capabilities, communication (in game and in other aspects of community), and a positive attitude.


Recruits are gamers that have filled out the recruitment portion of their online profiles, inquired with an admin/moderator about joining and are not considered members. Recruitment periods normally last for ten (10) days, but community officers may or may not approve an application early at own discretion. Each recruit will be interviewed by admins before being accepted.

Member Rules
Members of DigiRev must follow these strict guidelines

DigiRev members may not:

- Hack, cheat, or glitch
- Team kill on purpose
- Harass other members of DigiRev
- Cause drama within the community
- Ban players for little or no reason on any of our servers
- Continue to do something when advised otherwise by a member (ie. Bringing up a subject, word, or phrase that has been deemed offensive by people within the Teamspeak Channel).

Members must:

- Always represent DigiRev by wearing DigiRev, .: DigiRev:., or DRev tags, and other DRev tags depending on the game they’re playing
- Visit the forums at least once a week
- Members and non-members on Teamspeak get priority pick in limited slot game servers, or parties over people not on Teamspeak.
- Not hack
- Be on TeamSpeak 3 while playing a game online (microphone is preferred, but not required)
- Always respect other members
- Represent the community on other networks such as Youtube, Steam, or Twitch. - Any guilds, organizations, clans, or communities in-games created by DigiRev members must have DigiRev in the name and must advertise the website and Teamspeak server to the group’s members. - Let the community know of absence for upcoming meetings
All members must adhere to the rules and positively represent the clan. Poor attitudes are frowned upon and usually result in ejection.

Suspensions and banning from community

Harassment and bullying will be dealt with harshly. For this kind of behavior, our clan has adopted a two strikes system, explained below:

1. Verbal warning and / or discussion of the issue.
2. Iron Hoof of Giraffes (ejection from the clan and lifelong ban)

Show respect for your community and you shall receive it in return. All DigiRev servers are almost always monitored. Suspected hackers will be spectated and recorded prior to ban. Players harassing other players, team killing on purpose, or breaking any specific server rule will be dealt with in such manner following a three strikes rule:

1. "[Player name], please stop '...'"
2. "[Player name], this is your last warning. Please stop '...'"
3. Permanent ban (from server or community?).

To appeal a ban:

Clan Mergers

A group may merge with DigiRev after an extensive background check has been done on the interested clan. During this time the typical two week recruitment period is issued for each member of the interested clan. Any prior ranks given to members of the interested clan will have no effect on the outcome of their application. There is no guarantee that all applications will be accepted.


While DigiRev would prefer that members spend most, if not all of their time on DigiRev servers, we understand that sometimes it is acceptable to hang out with friends in different communities. With that being said, our goal here is to provide an excellent environment that people wish to spend time in DigiRev.

Clan Meetings

Clan meetings are held on Thursday evenings. It is required for DigiRev members to attend one meeting per month, however we strongly encourage you to attend every meeting and stay up to date with your community. It is required for a DigiRev member to notify clan administration about any absences for upcoming meetings. Meetings are a great opportunity to catch up on current events and have fun times with other members.

***DigiRev administration retains the right to edit these rules and make amendments at any given time as they see fit. As a dedicated member, it is your responsibility to check back with this page for any changes.***

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    DigiRev is a competitive and fun PC Gaming Community created
    by gamers wishing to better their playing experiences, as well as
    create long lasting friendships. Members get out what they put
    in! We aim to provide a premium playing experience by crafting
    members that give their heart and soul to the success of DigiRev.
    For glory! Since 2010.

    Members wear:
    [DRev], |, or .:DigiRev:. tags
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